Calories And Weight Loss

It is often difficult to try and lose weight if we do not know enough information about calories and how many we need to take in each day. The amount varies from person to person depending on numerous factors and in order to lose weight the intake of calories may need to be reduced.A calorie is a measure of how much energy is contained in all foods and drinks. All foods and drinks will contain different amounts of calories and some will have a lot more than others or use

The average man will need approximately 2,500 calories a day in order to maintain his current weight. For the average woman the amount is slightly less at 2,000 calories a day. Anything consumed above this amount will result in the person gaining weight especially if they do not partake in any physical activities.

This amount may alter slightly depending on the age of the person and the amount of exercise and physical activities they do.

If you want to maintain your weight you should balance the amount of calories you consume with the amount of exercise you undertake. However if you wish to lose weight then you need to increase the amount of exercise and reduce your intake of calories.

You may wish to consider losing weight once your body mass index (known as BMI) reaches 25 or over. This means that you are over weight and for health reasons it may be wise to lose some weight before you potentially become obese.

To do this you can start with a calorie controlled diet which will involve you reducing the amount of calories you have each day by 600. This would bring a man's intake down to 1,900 a day and a woman's intake down to 1,400 a day. You must also try to make the diet as low fat as possible.

You must be very careful however when attempting to lose weight via a calorie controlled diet and this is not always a viable way for all people to lose weight.

Young children and teenagers who are growing quickly may need more energy and therefore it could be dangerous to reduce the amount of calories they intake too much.

Women in the late stages of pregnancy or breast feeding also must be careful as a calorie controlled diet may not be for them. Most women at this stage will need more calories as they require additional energy.

For a majority of people however with the right medical advice and a nutritious calorie controlled diet can successfully manage to lose a lot of weight combined with a regular exercise plan.