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    Lazarevac, a town of sport and industry, is situated in the pictoresque part of Shumadian Kolubara, about 60 km far from Belgrade, and has very favourable geogaphical position. It is located on the intersection of the roads towards Belgrade, Valjevo and Arandjelovac. A highway and Belgrade-Bar railway pass through the outskirts of the town. The municipality of Lazarevac is in the upper course of the Kolubara river and covers the surface of 389 square kiometers. There are 70,000 inhabitants in 34 settlements. The town is rich in history and culture. In the centre of Lazarevac there is one the most most important memorials from the World War One - The charnel house. Bones of 20,000 Serbian and 30,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers who were killed during the Kolubara battle are kept in St. Dimitrije's Church. Lazarevac got its name on June 28th, 1889, in memory of Battle of Kosovo and the Serbian leader Lazar.

 Lazarevac-the centre of industry

     RB (Mining basin) 'Kolubara' is the greatest coal producer and the most important company operating in 'Elektroprivreda Srbije' (Electric power industry of Serbia). The company's seat is in Lazarevac, and its main activities are extracting, processing and transportation of coal, as well as the electric energy supply. Large reserves of coal in the basin of Kolubara are the basis for the activities of the company. The basin covers the area of about 600 square kilometers, and the coal reserves are estimated to about 1.5 billion tons. With the average year production between 25 and 30 million tons, 'Kolubara' makes for 70 % of the total coal production in Serbia. The greatest part of its coal (90%) is burnt in thermal power plants 'Nikola Tesla' and 'Kolubara'. The annual electric power production from the coal from Kolubara is 17 billion kWh. The fact that the miners of Kolubara from 1946. until now have extracted about 750 million tons is impressive.

 Lazarevac- the town of sport

     There are 54 different sport clubs on the territory of Lazarevac. Besides the great number of sport clubs, Lazarevac takes pride in various spotrts objects, where even the world championships may be organized. There are lots of football pitches of great quality, a shooting gallery and an olympic pool, as well as the sports hall. The sports hall is one of the most modern objects of its kind in Serbia. Various competitions may be organized on 3,500 square meters of useful surface. The hall includes an idoor pool, halls for martial arts, a gym and everything that is necessary for such object.